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Rediscovering America Zee Michelson

The Uk 1940s Radio Studio

The Uk Vintage Radio Network Studio

1957 Chevy

1957 Chevy

Station Fund Raising Appeal

Please help us meet the short fall in the ever increasing monthly cost of running The UK 1950s Radio Station. Although the Station is supported by The Radio Stations appearances at events and third party advertising we still have a short fall every month to find of at least 150 a month. We really do hate asking for donations to support the station and understand that not everyone can afford to donate, indeed we would certainly not wish anybody to donate unless they could genuinely afford to do so. Donations for March were 30.00. Thank you to all that donated.


About 1950s Music

Rock and Roll may have been born in the 1940s but by the 1950s it was growing up fast. However, the 1950s was not all about Rock and Roll. It was a very diverse decade with music styles of the 1940s competing in the charts quite respectably with the many emerging styles. Many of the 1940s singers progressed too. Television and Films also embraced the new styles and by the end of the decade Britain had introduced the weekly music show: Juke Box Jury. The hysterical screams of teenage girls echoed around the theatres of Britain and the boys tried to dress and act like their music heroes.

The wide variety of music available in the 1950s is echoed in The UK 1950s Radio Station. It's not just about Rock and Roll. You will also be able to hear Jazz, Big Band, the delightful crooners who continued to record in the 1950s, Skiffle, Bebop and Rockabilly. Basically, if it was recorded in the 1950s, then it has a good chance of being played on our 1950s radio station. For a more detailed guide of the programmes being played, please visit our Programme Schedule page. You can listen to The UK 1950s Radio Station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed by clicking on the play now button on our website, via Tunein and on internet radios (such as Roberts, etc.).

1950s Juke Box

Inside 1950s Juke Box
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Welcome to the UK 1950s Radio Station
We play music that was written and recorded prior to from 1960 but not of been released or heard on radio stations until 1962 in the United Kingdom (UK) or the United States of America (USA).
Elvis Presley, Big Bopper, Buddy Holly
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